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Sleazy Lee joins the club, some classics - 83%

morbert, November 19th, 2007

The title track is the most famous. Not without reason because it is one of the best songs on the album. Even though Lee’s playing is sleazier than Rhoads was, the song still has an eerie atmosphere suiting Ozzy’s vocals. It is a strong composition with a very strong main riff, powerful chorus and a decent solo in the middle.

The lyrics to ‘Rock and roll Rebel’ are pretty nice, shutting up the critics calling him a devil worshipper. Apart from that, a decent vocal line on the verses but a very bad chorus, ruining the song. Way too sleazy and generic. The intro riff of ‘Now You See It, Now You Don't’ borrows heavily from Black Sabbath. It’s a strong pounding song with a chorus you wouldn’t expect but for some reason works, being catchy rock. Definitely another highlight on the album.

‘Centre Of Eternity/Forever’ starts with a church bell (You’re immediately expecting the song Black Sabbath or even For Whom The Bell Tolls when you play the album years later). The intro is taken over by some male vocals humming the later chorus and keyboards referring to Mr. Crowley. Surprisingly the song then progresses into an up-tempo metal song with a simple but effective catchy chorus. One of the best songs on the album

The intro to ‘Waiting For Darkness’ is very good. Great interaction between guitars and keyboards. The same part is used again on the chorus. The sleazy bits here and there don’t feel out of place and the extra strings in the middle section of the song really give it the finishing touch. The fourth classic Ozzy song on this album.

Unfortunately the album once again has some sucking ballads. ‘You’re No Different’ has someone hammering horribly on a keyboard and a dull chorus. And can you imagine ‘So tired’ being even worse? Well it actually is. Words cannot describe the horror of this cheesy song. One Michael Bolton was already too much for this world.

Highlights : ‘Bark At The Moon’, ‘Centre Of Eternity/Forever’, ‘Waiting For Darkness’, ‘Now You See It’. Bonus points for the production and album cover.