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Modern 80's Metal With A Darker Image. - 87%

Wacke, April 18th, 2008

The first album I ever bought with Ozzy was the "Tribute" album but "Bark At The Moon" (the remaster, guash!) was the second. I had been playing the game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" for a long time and one of the radio stations called "V-ROCK" featured the title track which made me totally blown away by it's overall greatness. I had heard Ozzy before and it was actually him with a little help by Iron Maiden that got me into metal music. One thing I can't get is why many of the Ozz-fans doesn't like this album too mucn, I think it's absolutely great. So let's go with my review on why this one's so good...

After the tragic death of the excellent guitarist Randy Rhoads, Ozzy tryed a couple until he found the other excellent one. This was Jake E. Lee, a guitarist with speed, technical but a more modern 80's metal sound than Randy had. When the legendary title track goes off you immediately hear that Ozzy's music is changed. It's like it has gone from the classic heavy metal sound on the first two albums to Van Halen's "1984" but with a heavy metal ground to it. "You're No Different" shows that Ozzy hasn't given up the ballads either and it's a pretty nice one as well. "Rock 'N' Roll Rebel" is another heavy rocker with a great riff as well as several solos by Lee. It also has some fine vocals with Ozzy on top. "Centre Of Eternity" is a somewhat "forgotten" song but it's pretty awesome. It goes off with a fantastic keyboard score by Don Airey and then into a pretty fast heavy metal song with great guitar work. "Waiting For Darkness" is another song worth mentioning because of it's pop-oriented sound but still it got a great darkness that just fits perfectly for Ozzy and this album.

The production is pretty great depending on which edition you have. The remaster, which I bought is good but horrible to the original. It's more like a remix and it's drowning in bass and the bass drum is almost gone if you don't are a cat. I recommend the original edition since it's how the album once did sound like. You can also here the bass drum but it could have been louder on that edition as well.

The cast is great but it's a strange one that didn't really become famous. It features all great names but the only new is Jake E. Lee who became famous after this so it doesn't really matter. They're all doing a great job and especially Jake who is a heavy underrated guitarist. Ozzy's vocals are also really fine on this one and it might be my favorite Ozz-album vocally.

So finally to my last comments on Bark At The Moon....

"Bark At The Moon" is a great album that's not really forgotten but doesn't seem to be too much loved. I don't get it or maybe I'm just a die-hard fan of Ozzy. Anyway, the album still have it's small ups and downs but there are not many albums in the history of music that doesn't have that. For example, "So Tired" is one of the worst and most booring songs Ozzy have ever done. Also, the drums (especially the bass drum) could have been a little louder in the mix but if you have the original then it's still okay.

Overall it's a really great album and I recommend it with all my heart. If you wanna hear "Bark At The Moon" at it's 100 % greatness, then I sugest you go and find the original edition.