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The nostalgic theatre of madness - 97%

Genzel, June 7th, 2010

In a perfect world, you wouldnt need to bark to get attention. Afterwards the Big Picture began to unfold as Ozzy sticked to his era of concept albums and dressed as a werewolf. Howls and crimson doors beneath the light blue air with aggressive definite metal by Jake. Daisley, Jake and Ozzy wrote the music in this one. It was the best part of the Osbourne members which got us some good numbers. Tommy boy was hammering the drums, as the Osbourne Big Picture continued with this collection of heavy metal songs.

Bark At The Moon starts right on to deliver the second best Ozzy song ever. Now you see it resembels metal and cryptic vocals which echoes still in my brain. Rock and Roll rebel and the mega hit set list filler, Forever went for deeper Ozzy, something which never was recorded again. Some braincell farts as Slow Down cant ruin a great metal album which ends to the majestetic slow number, Waiting For Darkness which crept the aura of insanity in the Osbourne camp.

Some real brain orgasms are delivered by the relatively young Ozzy, and the oldest guitar player Ozzy ever had, mister Jake. Tommy hammers the drums as good as a mountain climber eats his donuts before the show. He's not awesome, but has some understanding what he was hired for. Jakes playing is phenomenal and tough to beat. The Bark At The Moon solo alone destroys everything that Gillis or Torme has ever done. Ozzy sounds energetic, fresh and little out of a state of his mind. He barely grasps air after the album opener and delivers again a bit sloppy, but weeping performance which by a chance got him the job.

Bark continues the same concept as Diary and Blizzard were trying to prove. The three multi platinum smash hits got Osbourne a permanent job as the slaughterer of great talents. With great understanding what the kids wanted to hear got Ozzy a very good studio album. Its not Ozzy at his peak, but Ozzy with a more cartoony, riot like playing. Ozzy roars and gets through his job with rage, as Jake performs some upbeat if somewhat pessimistic playing while Daisley keeps his head this time. Not for sore losers, but something kept my head cool and it was definetly this album, which rocks!