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Three out of eight doesn't make a good purchase - 55%

Estigia666, April 10th, 2003

Is this album worth buying? Depends on your criteria. Having eight songs and only THREE good ones is, IMO, a waste of money. Which are those three songs?:

"Bark at the Moon": the most memorable song on the album. This is not an "Over the Mountain", though. Riffs are competent and work well, specially the main riff and the ones right after the second chorus, but those aren't THAT spectacular and the guitar tone sounds a bit soft (as for the rest of the CD), but for this album is definitely the best.

"Rock 'n Roll Rebel": Nice! Opens with a very good riff. Ozzy's vocals work great in the verse and the chorus (except for the "i tell you no lines", which annoys everything in sight).

"Waiting for Darkness": Excellent vocal performance by Ozzy. Whatever some may say, his singing style has shining moments, this being one of them. As for the music, i think i heard a Dream Theater song that sounded like this. It must have been one of their least sucky moments, i guess.

The rest of the album....meh. "Slow Down" has very irritating vocals, and the chorus reminded me of The Police (the "Slow Down!" part). Awful keyboards at the end. "Centre of Eternity", again with the irritating vocals, but the solo is one of Jake's better moments here. "You're no Different", competent vocals, but that's it. And why is it the second song? I would have prefered "Rock 'n Roll Rebel" following the title track, this just forces you to change moods too quickly. "Now you See it (Now you Don't)", cheesy chorus, horrible keys. "So Tired", they should have changed the title to "Are you kidding me?" to at least give a warning to the listener. Complete fucking abomination. This caught me off guard the first time, and i almost vomit my entrails as a direct effect to this. Let this be your warning, if you like this kind of songs you shouldn't be listening to metal as far as i'm concerned.