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Darker than thousand shadows - 97%

Genzel, January 10th, 2008

After purchasing the awesome Randy Rhoads era metal albums, Ozzy sticked to his style with his brand new band, including the shredmachine guitarist Jake.E.Lee. Jake is quite capable and inventive, but his stamina doesn't last quite to play much longer tracks, such as Diary Of A Madman or Revelation( Mother earth). Nevertheless, this era with Ozzy Osbourne has its bright sides, including this almost perfect live release from the 1984's world tour. As the title suggests, this is the Bark At The Moon albums world tour, and therefore the new material here is recorder originally with guitarist Jake.E.Lee. Bark At The Moon was a solid metal album, with fistful of good tracks, one awesome track( the title track, which was played still on Ozzys 2007's Black Rain tour) and several bad tracks. Bark At The Moon and Ozzys second solo career album, Diary Of A Madman both have more metal sound to it unlike Blizzard Of Ozz album did.

The set is based solidly and expectably to Blizzard Of Ozz with even six tracks taken from that album. Its not a bad thing, every single song on that album is great, but they should have included Goodbye To Romance, even as an encore. GTR's soft keyboard ending is the best sounding keyboard manouver of all time. Gladly Ozzy included to his solo career shows also material from his early Black Sabbath era, because that material is just simply legendary and holy stuff. Paranoid and Iron Man are simple, yet legendary songs, and both are included to this live album. Diary Of A Madman, as an album, was perhaps not what Ozzy had planned to do mostly( most songs on that album are just freaking insane and evil, Little Dolls, which never got played as live, for example), but yet he still does some songs from that masterpiece, in fact in turns either Flying High Again or Believer. In this particular show, he gets high and sings Flying High Again to go down with history with all of us. Then, of course, we have material from the new album, Bark At The Moon. The band generously performs flawlessly three songs from that album, Rock and Roll Rebel, Forever and the title track, now classic, Bark At The Moon. Rock and Roll Rebel got very raw lyrics with Ozzy being almost maniacly aggressive, Forever has some insane guitar shredding and Bark At The Moon sounds more rock and roll than in the album version.

The show is fun to watch, it shows clip from some cemetery and battlefields, depending what song is played. Ozzy looks energetic, too bad that we'll see too little of Jake.E.Lee and the other band members. The best way to enjoy this concert is to record it to a cassette, though.