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Average Hard Rock - 50%

DeathRiderDoom, May 23rd, 2009

Oz – Single

Finland notches up another musical act to be proud of in Oz. This hard rockin’ act produces some fun heavy metal tracks, while this isn’t their finest effort. Both tracks are present on the 1982 full-length ‘Heavy Metal Heroes.’ This release isn’t particularly great, but definitely worth a listen.

‘Second Hand Lady’ is a slower rockin’ out number rooted in dirty 70’s rock. Pretty sleazy stuff here, with no real distinctive points. I just like the sleazy riff with which the song thunders along. Kinda reminds me of Saxon. ‘Rather Night’ is another slower one, which in my opinion makes for a poor choice when considering the song on the opposite side. In this one the vocals are a bit annoying, kind of whiney with no fury in the mix.

The a-side on this one is the stronger song, while not being as good as some of the other material on offer. The band could’ve benefited from a better vocalist, and perhaps more dynamism in their songs, with both affairs being a little monotonous. Pretty average release.