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Oydis - As Humanity Falls

As Humanity Falls - 88%

Life_Sucks, April 2nd, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, Digital, Independent

Oydis are a melodic/technical death metal band formed in Tripoli, Libya in 2016, featuring two members of the disbanded thrash metal band Arphalon. Consisting of IAZ (guitar), AsSel.nmd (drums), and Redwan N. Shishko (bass) they released their entirely instrumental debut Freaks of Nature in 2017. With Omar T joining the band on vocals, their sophomore effort As Humanity Falls was released in January of 2019.

As Humanity Falls is composed of 12 tracks, clocking in at almost 50 minutes. The riffing is technical yet very catchy, and easy for an extreme metal fan to get into. Labeling it melodic death metal may be a bit misleading, as it lacks the dual guitar harmonies and brooding atmosphere of traditional Gothenburg-influenced melodeath, whereas it is every bit as memorable and melodic. Modern technical death might be the best description, “modern” not meant in a bad way by any means. The production is good, the riffing is complex, and the execution is slick and tight, showcasing the high skill level and chops of the musicians. The pace is for the most part on the faster end of mid-paced, with a decent amount of tremolo picking and blasting thrown in for contrast. As Humanity Falls is a downtrodden title, and some of the lyrics/titles are serious and pessimistic. But there are some lighthearted moments thrown in, such as the sampled introduction to Joker, the interesting acoustic instrumental 7 Deadly Sins, or the “Death a Tribute to Chuck” medley at the end which fuses together several of Death’s most well-known song segments as well as samples of Chuck speaking about his music, reminding us that we are just listening to a metal album. Does the music reflect lots of influence from the legendary band Death? Yes, definitely, mostly manifesting itself in the technicality and sometimes the general riffing style. However, Oydis has a more modern feel, and there is a lot of melodic death influence as well. All in all, it makes for a well-done modern technical death metal album with a healthy dose of melody and no -core elements.

If you are into melodic death metal or technical death metal, you should check this out. If you are a fan of the band Death (mid era to late era), it will likely appeal to you as well. Most death metal fans in general would enjoy this, save for the ultra-elitists that only like old school death metal from the early to mid 90s and modern bands in that style. This is modern death metal done right and done well, performed by musicians of a high caliber. I, for one, thoroughly enjoy this release. Both of their albums are downloadable for free on Bandcamp and well worth checking out.

Originally written for AudioInferno: