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What the fuck happened, guys - 32%

Noktorn, March 25th, 2009

I'm really at a loss as to what the fuck happened here; I'm actually a big fan of earlier Oxidised Razor work such as '...Carne...Sangre...', but this one completely falls flat for me. For some reason unbeknown to me, Oxidised Razor decided to trade in their original breed of catchy, occasionally groovy style of goregrind in favor of the same spastic South American Carcass-worship that I so despise. There's no logical reason for the band to have made such a stylistic shift, but it's incredibly disappointing and makes for a very mediocre album that no one in the goregrind scene needs to hear.

Occasional flickers of the band's earlier quality are present; a great grooving riff here, a clever change in tempo there, but overall this is much closer to bands like Gore (Peru) and MDK than to the band's own older style. Instead of influences from stuff like mid-era Cock And Ball Torture or Tu Carne, this seems to be rote 'Reek Of Putrefaction' worshiping goregrind, which is great for the legions of people obsessed with it, but not for those with lukewarm opinions of Carcass like me. The riffs are random and lazy in their construction, mostly content to reiterate all of Carcass' old chug and tremolo riffs without contributing anything from the band's own style, and the drums and vocals are similarly lackluster, with the latter in particular seeming to have weakened from the band's previous works.

Instead of the gritty but evocative production of earlier releases, this has that trashy Flesh Grinder basement sound, with a similarly annoying and digital guitar tone and a lot of noise but no real body. It fits the music like a glove, unfortunately: there's a lot of blasting and attempts at groove that never go anywhere, and most of the time the band just seems to say 'fuck it' and abruptly ends a track when they realize it hasn't done anything interesting. I really don't understand how this band, once a gem of the international goregrind scene, has fallen so far and regressed into the sort of thing you'd typically hear on some 5-way split CDr from Brazil.

'Los Vendedores De La Muerte' is bad enough that I can't give it the benefit of the doubt and assume I'm missing anything, because I really think this is just as lame and uninteresting as it appears at first (or second, or third, or...) listen. There's no reason anyone in the goregrind scene would want to hear this, much less anyone that's not already a fan of goregrind, so just about everyone except those few dumbasses who love this annoying style can pass this by without a second thought.