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Good stuff - 80%

MutatisMutandis, July 12th, 2005

In all honesty, I never understood why people disliked genres and bands like these. Sure, the imagery is gross, the lyrics are mindless(with the exception of Circle of Dead Children and a few others), and the production is usually muddled... hmm... (maybe I just answered my own question).
But as for me, I find bands like Oxidised Razor to be extremely fun and entertaining. When most people hear of this genre, they just thinks it's a continuation of brutal death metal (which I find the majority to be boring). You see? That's the first mistake people make. Goregrind is meant to be more silly and gross with an emphasis on being catchy. I could care less if the song structures suck, as long as I can nod to it and enjoy myself.
With this band, they do all that and more. They may not be as creative as bands like GUT, Carcass, Impetigo, and other legends, but the music is simple, comical, and catchy as any of them. Matter of fact, after just 2 listens, I could easily identify every song. I remember aggravating the heck out of my friend by humming the 3rd song constantly. That's how infectious this stuff is. The band isn't really rewriting the rules or anything, is not the most disgusting, and definantly isn't the most talented, but still comes off as entertaining. I'd suggest any die hard goregrind fan to check this out. For the rest of you interested but not particularly in this band, try Gronibard, Gigantic Brain, Blue Holocaust, and Neuro Visceral Exhumation.

Catchy but we need more. - 50%

Herzebeth, May 28th, 2005

Let me start by saying, This band is really, and I mean TOTALLY, fucked up in the head, ok yes the gore pictures and covers are not as explicit and repulsive as the “Lat days of humanity” ones, or any of those yummy gore bands...what I mean by this guys are fucked up is because of the music...I mean come on this really sounds like one big improvisation, they have no structures and zero scales. I know grindgore usually requires less talent but come on this too much…now don’t get me wrong this is not as bad as it sounds, I’ll explain why later.

Anyway, now for the good stuff, the guitar player made a great work with this album, yes is simplistic, but hell it’s catchy, I even dare to say the songs have groove in them, every track is made in a very surreal way, no structures and no technicality, but awesome songwriting? Believe me that’s weird. Every riff is really awesome and environmental, now the other instruments sound drowned and low (too bad because what we can actually hear sounds not that bad.) and the drums sound all dry, so this is the result of a bad mixing and a bad production.

In the end this album is nothing but a bunch of catchy riffs packed with hot babes and gore images, nothing less nothing more. By the way the napalm death cover is very good, so I don’t understand why if they have musical talent they go on wasting it in awful (or zero) scales and structures.

Are you serious? - 6%

Lord_Bananna, May 18th, 2005

There are many things in life that suck, and Oxidised Razor is one of them. I don't know what these guys were thinking when they formed. Do you actually believe that you are good and have fans with an I.Q. of higher than 70?
The sad note about this CD ...Carne...Sangre... is that they are trying too hard. Their music isn't strong at all. The only way that they got people to buy this CD is becuase the pictures in it were porn. So basically, that's saying, "our music sucks, but we have crappy porn, so buy our album".

Now that I'm done ranting and raving, I will give actual reasons why I gave this a 6 out of 100.

The music is boring and not catchy at all. Every song sounds the same. Many songs on this CD had a horror movie intro, which was cool for the first time (which is why they got a 6 and not a zero), but they overused this idea.
Another thing is that the band isn't that good at what they do, especially the drummer. He's so offbeat, so random, and not technical at all. I think he must have had the idea that insane speed is the only requirement in good drumming.

I guess I should be more carefull with my purchases. I picked this CD up from a thrift store for $3. I thought they would be good grindcore. I was wrong.