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Yay, Overkill live - 82%

UltraBoris, August 11th, 2002

This is a pretty damn good live album. It's Overkill, who consistently kick some fucking ass, and are also the best live band ever. The recording doesn't QUITE capture them at full intensity (see the new album, Wrecking Everything, for something that does do that), but it is really quite good.

The song selection is decent, though a bit too concentrated on Horrorscope and WFO - two of their three last albums at the time. (The third, I Hear Black, was mostly skipped over, and with good reason!) There are five Horrorscope songs here, and six from WFO - good albums both, but there should have been more stuff from Feel the Fire (one song) and Taking Over (the mdeley of Wrecking Crew and Powersurge).

The closer is of course "Fuck You" with a bit of War Pigs thrown in. Overall, they play competently, and are genuinely enjoying themselves, and one can tell. Like most metal bands, they kick more ass live than in the studio. This album demonstrates that pretty well.