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Overkill live: there is none higher - 92%

UltraBoris, August 3rd, 2002

I actually saw Overkill live two days before they recorded this album. That was my 2nd time seeing the band, and I had always thought that they were the absolute best live band I've ever seen. Their first few live albums had done a decent job of capturing that sound, but somehow not quite as well as, say "Priest in the East" or "No Sleep 'til Hammersmith".

This is the album that gets it right. The production is absolutely impeccable - the mix a bit unusual, but very nicely done. The track selection is solid, though the DVD version does have Fuck You, among other things. Sorry, there goes 2 points right there. I love the official version, but I listen to the mp3s that I got ripped from the DVD more ;-) That one's got 23 tracks, which matches the setlist from when I saw them (except Feel the Fucken Fire and Hammerhead - I think they only played those two in Boston!), so that one I am guessing is complete (sort of, though the DVD also has Hello from the Gutter). Ah well, if you wanted the ultimate Overkill concert, it would be about 58 songs, at least.

Oh yeah, back to the album at hand. The official Overkill site has a sample ( - it's "Evil Never Dies", and pretty much is a good representative of the whole album, so if you like that, you will definitely like the rest. Highlights: Deny the Cross (where did they pull that from???), Gasoline Dream (DVD only), Overkill, Bleed Me, oh the whole fucking thing.

Plain and simple, this is the best Overkill release yet. They join Slayer, Judas Priest, and others, in the big list of bands whose live albums are better than their studio efforts.