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Overkill - White Devil Armory - 100%

Orbitball, May 5th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, Nuclear Blast

Another milestone! What a great album, musically projected as these thrashers continue to progress in their later years. Total bad asses. The music is what we'll talk about here. Every track on here is worthy of praise. Nothing on here is half assed or ill-fated. It's all congruently matching in resurrection of these thrash gods. All of their ideas are in accordance with musical reason. These guys tear it up with the guitars and vocals. The production sound is just superb. And the mixing is also well done. This is (to me) one of the best Overkill albums I've thought the most highly of. It used to be 'The Years of Decay' but after hearing this one, it's my favorite.

You can hear everything just right. In essence, nothing on here is without merit. They have a good handle on how to musically create a masterpiece. The guitars and vocals are the highlights that I would say are the most prevalent. Everything flows here. The music goes well with the guitars. It's an all-out onslaught of pure thrash metal glory. For guitar players, the riffs and leads are the most worthy of praise. They have their act together on this one. Not even their new one compares to this and that one is fantastic as well. Not a dull moment on here. The energy, the aura, all of it is doggone outstanding.

Bobby does another good job on vocals. His voice took me a while to get into but now I can see how it so much goes with the music. Overkill's lyrics aren't the greatest written but it goes with the genre. As long as the vocals on the album are in accordance with the music then there are no complaints on my part. But yeah, they're still (I consider) to be thrash gods. They have so much experience in the genre that it's easy for them to create albums like this and continue to soar in the category. They really stuck to their thrash metal origin or roots (if you will). They're playing the music that they love, not for money, but for glory.

I would say to look this album up and listen to it fully then if your opinion is like mine, that it's a masterpiece, then chances are you'll hear why. It's going to bleed out of your speakers or ear buds. All of the songs on here are good. There's not one of them that I dislike. I think that as a band, they just reign supreme in the thrash genre. More people need Overkill in their discography. They need to hear what beasts they are and simply profound musicians. Their career has lasted for well over 25 years and look, they're still making terrific albums. Upload this on Spotify and then play it loud. You must own this!!