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Another solid Kill album - 80%

UltraBoris, August 11th, 2002

By this album, Overkill had gotten rid of most of their speed metal influences, and became an all-out thrash band. There are still melodic bits in the songs here and there, but they are more of a power-metal style than a speed-metal style.

Kicking off the album is "Shred", whose riffs are pretty much the epitome of New York thrash. The single note repeated under the verses, at efficient speed - something Anthrax and Nuclear Assault also employed extensively. The first side of the album is similar to that, and also includes Hello from the Gutter, which was a hit of sorts, and even had a video.

The second side of the album features longer and more epic songs. Drunken Wisdom combines aggression and melody nicely, and has a nice juxtaposition in the middle of a vicious Slayer-esque thrash solo that gets louder and louder, and noiser and noiser, and then a clean break of a riff that pretty much forces you to headbang now, survive later. End of the Line has a nice catchy chorus and some pretty well-done soloing, almost in the Iron Maiden style at times. Head First and Overkill Part III are also pretty nicely done.

It's Overkill, people - you really can't miss with them. This is yet another great album by them.