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A never ending, Overkiiillllll!!! - 83%

CrystalMountain, April 27th, 2005

Overkill's 3rd full length albums, is more of the same that we came to expect from the guys. One noticeable change is Blitz' vocals, he must have started hitting the cigarettes pretty hard after Taking Over, because from here on out his voice become really gruff and raspy. One thing you can say about Blitz' vocals on the later albums, is he is instantly recognizable, sounding a bit like Udo mixed with Bon Scott. The music is still classic Overkill, fast and aggressive, but still retaining that traditional metal melody and over all feel. The production on this album is pretty bad, the first 2 albums sounded much better, this one souds really lifelss. It's a shame too, some of the songs are hurt pretty bad by this.

The album kicks off with "Shred" which is a fan favorite, it has a nive driving rythym to it, and some really over the top vocals. There's a really fast break-down about half way through the song, it sounds a bit of out place on the album, but would kick ass live. "Never Say Never" is a mid paced number, with a really cool pre-chorus and chorus. Some interesting bass work, and riffs.

"Hello From the Gutter" is probably the most well known Overkill song. And for good reason, it's INSTANELY catchy, and just a really fun song. Great song from beginning to end, nice solo, and great vocal delivery. "Mad Gone World" has some really nice verses, but where they speed up for the chorus, it sounds really dis-jointed, you'll think your cd must have skipped. "Brainfade" is a kick ass thrasher, a little faster and more aggressive than the others. This is one of my favorite songs on the album, it's definetly a pre-cursor to their next album, The Years of Decay.

"Drunken Wisdom" is a slow paced, doom type song. I'm not really a fan of it, it's not a bad song, but it's not what I wanna hear from Overkill. It does speed up at the end and sounds pretty awesome for the last minute or 2. "End of the Line" starts off with a riff that reminds me of the riff in Slayer's "Jesus Saves" I'm not sure why. It has a really catchy chorus, but it's just a little too long for it's own good. "Head First" has a really punk feel too it, it's a really good song though. Probably sounds awesome live.

The album ends with Overkill III, and this is probably my favorite song on the album. One of Blitz' best vocal performances, I just love the way he sounds on this song, especially during the chorus "Before my dreamssss come to liiife!" sends chills down my neck. The music is more traditional than thrash, like the original Overkill song. I would love to hear this song live, but I doubt that will ever happen.