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And to think people call Metallica classic - 92%

Idontsuckdick, December 14th, 2008

An average person pouncing upon and listening to Overkill would most likely be turned off by Bobby’s raunchy screechy voice. It tends to have that effect. And you may hear it louder than everything else, and it could be annoying. But if you start to listen closer you will realize not only are the instrumentals tight and well written, but the vocals match up with them perfectly. This album is just overall very well written and a classic for its time period. It may seem that what’s being done on it has been done a thousand times before, but you must consider that this album is from the early 90’s.

This album is just strictly thrash metal, nothing else. It consists of fast and uplifting beats, crushing and speedy riffs, godly and all around the place bass playing, and angry yet clever vocals. The solos go by so fast you have to listen closely to pick out single notes. I don’t know if it was the way it was recorded, but it sounds as though these are some of the fastest solos ever, living up to the Work of Alex Skolnick and Jeff Hanneman.

One thing that strikes me as odd is that you can actually hear the bass on this album. And not only can you hear it, but it is actually very loud, and also all over the place. Sometimes it will be playing nothing like what the guitars are playing, but it fits in tight and perfectly. The tone is very clear and has a cool crunch to it that fits the thrash style rather well.

I will tend to use the word “tight” a lot in this review because overall that’s the best word to describe how it sounds, as the instruments all exist in perfect harmony. Anyhoo, the drums are just fast and tight, but tend not to stand out. He just keeps the beat and adjusts to the changes when needing to. I can help but notice however how good the double bass is, especially for the time. The backbeats really make you want to bob your head.

There are some really cool thrashy sounding riffs here. The guitar tone is very thick and heavy, and the chromatic guitar playing creates a very cool mood. There are some very clever riffs in such songs as I Hate and Birth of Tension. I especially enjoy the solos, as they are really freaking fast. They don’t really slow down at all but that’s how the music is supposed to be.

The two best songs I believe are Time to Kill and Skullcrusher. Time to Kill is just a well written and powerful intro, and Skullcrusher is a very smart attempt at doom metal. Some other really cook tracks are Nothing to Die For, I Hate, and Who Tends to the fire. Never the less, all tracks are good.

This album receives a high score for its originality, tight playing, clever lyrics, and never ending energy. It does not receive a perfect score because it may get boring if you listen to it for a week non-stop, though you can always listen to it and never get bored of it, it can’t be overdone.