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A decent effort, yet pretty inconsistent. - 77%

IWP, July 24th, 2007

This is where Overkill really start to become different. They really start to use alot of groove here, though its not quiet as groovy as From The Undeground and Below or Necroshine. There's some really good thrashers on here, mixed with some half-assed groove metal, and ballads, which really gives this album a weird twist. This is Overkill's most inconsistent album.

Certifiable and Cold Hard Fact are the best songs on here. The formal has awesome thrashy riffs and guitar work, and the latter is a great thrash metal song with a bit of groove mixed with it, though in this song, the groove is used right. Feeding Frenzy is an instrumental piece with some sweet bass work. Battle and God-Like are also pretty good. I'd like Battle better if it didn't have that stupid "JUST KILL ME, KILL ME!" sample. Those are the good song, now onto the crap of this album.

Bold Faced Pagan Stomp and The Cleansing are just groove metal songs that are mediocre at best, and shitty at worst. Both are very boring, and don't really do much for me at all. Especially, The Cleansing which, towards the end, has an annoying "JESUS CLEANSE ME!!!" chant that lasts for about a minute. This is defiantly my pick for one Overkill's worst songs. The Mourning After is a ballad that for what it is, is alright. If this was done by a band like Skid Row or some other 80s glam band, or even Iron Maiden, I would like it more, but to have Overkill do this is pretty bazzare. Overkill shouldn't be doing power ballads, they should stick to thrash where they belong. Overrall, this album is alright, it's not as awful as their next album, but it really isn't great either. Pick it up after you get their classic albums and W.F.O.