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It's not bad... it's a start for them - 73%

UltraBoris, August 3rd, 2002

It's their first demo, can we give them a bit of a break? Three songs on here would make it onto the first album: There's No Tomorrow, Raise the Dead, and Overkill. All three sound similar to the album version, the main difference being Blitz's vocals being not nearly as strong. The other two songs are Death Rider and The Beast Within.

A bit of trivia: The Beast Within is quite possibly the first ever thrash song. They wrote it in 1981 or so, and that main break after the chorus is about as thrash as it gets. It's otherwise a pretty average song, something that would not be out of place among the first few Exodus compositions that didn't make it to Bonded by Blood, or even some Venom material.

The last song is Death Rider. This is the masterpiece of the album, and actually is oneof the best songs Overkill has ever done. It's formulaic as fuck 80s speed metal, but for 1983 it's actually pretty innovative. It sounds like Hell Bent for Leather intensified up to another notch - almost to Freewheel Burning level, with that main melodic solo in the middle. It's maybe Overkill's catchiest song, and is definitely the best on this demo, and thus the appropriate choice to represent Overkill on "Metal Massacre V".