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Finally a demo... - 70%

PhantomLord86, January 21st, 2008

After many years of playing live without recording anything, the first thrash metal band finally went into the studio to record some of their songs. And although they still need some improvement the outcome is pretty good.
The sound is obviously of poor quality, with a very weak drum sound, equalizing and mixing mistakes, etc but that will affect nothing since it's a fucking demo, you know? The first track is not the Motörhead song they named themselves after, but a track of their own. Way better than the 1985 version found in the debut album mainly because of Bobby's vocals being more aggressive and the guitar tone much more rawer and vicious (and not only because of the production).

Actually the vocals sound quite good for a demo, since they are very clear and at the front of the mix, something quite surprising as most demos bury the vocals. The guitar work is pure primitive thrash, with a heavy NWOBHM influence but simplistic too - most riffs are easy to play but very effective. Just look at the main riff in There's No Tomorrow... anyone playing a guitar for couple of years will execute that riff, but tell me it doesn't kick ass. The slow Sabbath-esque part in the middle of that song doesn't work too much for me, but the solo makes up for it. Actually most lead work is a pile of wankery going nowhere, which I find is the main flaw in this demo (and in most thrash), but this particular solo is very good.
The drum work is furious and the guy really puts a lot of effort, using his double bass in a way that will get you going, and though he doesn't throw a lot of fills and whatnot, it's still nothing to bitch about. The energy level here is through the roof.

Overall, this one is a strong demo that should show to everyone how thrash was meant to sound like. You can already see here the problems of thrash that ultimately led to its fall about ten years later, namely the future popularity (ahh… the mainstream destroys everything… ) and the fact that every pothead can form a thrash band, but that shouldn't detract from the listening experience.