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And i aaaaaaam....the deviiiils...SON!!!! - 85%

Estigia666, May 28th, 2003

Man, do the Overkill boys have improved a hell of a lot or what? The production here is certainly better than "Power in Black" and the "Feel the Fire" demostration tape. Musically speaking, the band has matured a bit, but the venom is still there. Even in their pre-full lenght years, this guys had a lot to offer to the mass of hungry metalheads.

This demo EP begins with the thrash anthem "Rotten to the Core". It is catchy and fast enough to keep you headbanging without snapping your neck. Also, who can forget that chorus? "Rotten to Core!!!". The two following, "Fatal as Swallowed" and "The Answer" are even better. While the first relies on crushing fast and slow thrash riffs and another catchy-as-fuck chorus to keep you glued and attentive, the latter offers some new musical grounds to check. While Overkill already explored the posibilities of eerie chord riff patterns in a brief manner on the "Raise the Dead" song from "Power in Black", "The Answer" exploits the idea to the full. The song begins with a VERY set of slow riffs reminiscent to "Black Sabbath" (the song), but turning the doom ideal into total thrash. VERY slow thrash, but i'll be damned if that doesn't work. In the 4:19 mark the song goes at a more midpaced tempo and then faster, then goes through the rest of the song alternating tempos, but never loses the ominous atmosphere of the beggining. What a great tune. Finishing the EP comes the re-recorded version of "Overkill", played a bit slower and more "controlled" compared to the PIB version. Good one, but personally i stay with it's more vicious sounding counterpart.

Now, why you should get this? I always encourage people to never overlook demos, some of them are, IMO, as essential as the band's LPs. This is no exception, fortunately is rather easy to get in the "Fuck You and then some" compilation. You shouldn't wait any longer, get this and get the other Overkill demos, if you're lucky enough to find them!