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I Am Your Stand-And-Deliver - 40%

Sweetie, June 10th, 2021

Interestingly, me talking bad about Killbox 13 has always been met with a few raised eyebrows. I don’t really understand why, because I find it to be just about as boring as its predecessor, except not painfully drenched in horrid production and even worse songwriting. Overkill had hit their true dip with this release, but I think the wear and tear of these groove-isms showed pretty heavily earlier than this. It’s just where the saturation hit its peak and it took a few albums to recover.

No sir, I think the reason why some people sympathise here is because it wasn’t just a figurative pile of shit, and every album sounded solid enough to long-time fans for that reason alone. I don’t see how, though. Blitz’s unflattering vocal patterns definitely peaked their ugly head here, the riffing progressions by now were done-to-death, and the only thing to save it was a decent backing from some of the basslines. “Damned” feels a bit promising at first because of its aggressive riff intro covered in that hard bass cladding, but it doesn’t maintain. And really, that’s the case for a lot of this album.

And look, I’m not saying Killbox 13 is painfully bad, either. It’s around the same level as Immortalis but with less to talk about. There are very clear attempts. Check the serious doom vibes on "Until I Die" and “Crystal Clear,” but try to ignore the fact that they nailed this style down prior in a much better fashion. And like the rest of the record, it goes on far longer than it has any business going.

So yeah, fifty minutes of this is gonna be another no for me, dawg. I guess when you drop albums at the rate they have been their entire career, there are gonna be these inevitable plateaus. I feel like we’re somewhat hitting another one now, but not quite as bad. Also, what the hell were they thinking with these awful fucking album names (and covers) in the mid-2000s?