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A musical equivalent to a kick in the teeth! - 100%

invaders, June 24th, 2011

Overkill have released their 16th album and it is probably their best album in recent years. I won't bullshit you with telling you who these guys are or what they've released, because in all honesty, if you're on this site, you should know who the fuck these legends are.

The album starts off as the last 2 Overkill albums have, with about 30 seconds to a minute of slow buildup and then...BOOM! Say goodbye to your muthafuckin' teeth as they've just been kicked through the back of your puny skull. That is basically how the album kicks off and never really lets up the intensity from there. The first 3 tracks are basically a trilogy of awesomeness and a precursor of what is to follow.

The album has a good bit of variation, to a certain extent. I mean, it's all in the context of Overkill but they kinda explore everything the band has dipped their glorious fingers into over the course of their 25+ year career. You have the epic (The Green And Black, Ironbound), the thrash (Bring Me The Night, The SRC, Endless War), The heavy/doom (The Head And Heart), and the modern/groove (Give A Little, The Goal Is Your Soul etc) and even The Killing Kind-era hardcore-ish (In Vain). I mean, this album is an Overkill diehard's wet dream. It has everything.

And the production is fuckin' awesome. No other word can describe it. Every instrument is heard with crystal clear quality and precision. The guitars have an awesome, grinding tone. DD's bass work, together with Ron Lipnicki drumming create a thunderous, pummelling rhythm section and the star of the show, Mr Blitz Ellsworth, has never sound so good or ferocious. He truly lets rip on this one.

I couldn't big this album up anymore even if I wanted or tried too. I have spun this disk on regular rotation and can't see that stopping anytime in the near future. If your an Overkill fan, or a fan of metal in general, I highly recommend getting this album. You won't be disappointed.