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Riff Overkill - 80%

doomknocker, May 28th, 2010

OVERKILL always seems to have been, in my eyes, on the very VERY edge of the radar in the thrash metal spectrum. Seemingly too monstrous for mainstream acceptance and too genuine to be completely forgotten, the OVERKILLERs prattled on, peddling their wares to any who would dare give these fools a listen or two. I can’t tell you whether this current thrash revival is having beneficial or adverse effects for the group as I’d yet to hear any news of the like, but I’d be lying if I’d say that a new career boost for them wouldn’t do little upward curly tricks to the ends of my mouth. Nevertheless, they’ve kept at it to this current time and day, and here we have a new album fresh off the cooker, ready and rarin’ to go.

So let’s see if time has been kind to this group of misfits…

For this new disc, “Ironbound”, things start out sorta slow but get into the swing of things in record time, giving the listener a lesson of old-school-ish thrash metal the likes of which only the legends of the scene could evoke. All that is barbaric and heavy is in full swing, taking a modernistic approach to a tried-and-true formula, but done so with a sort of mature class that comes from being part of a scene for as long as they. Shades of “Ride the Puppets”/“Master of Lightning”-era METALLICA couples with the nastiness of early-years EXODUS’ fabulous disasters, where tons of riffs, blinding speed/solos, jugular-severing guitars, face-crushing drums and that traditional OVERKILL rasp unleashes some of their more upbeat, melodic and energetic material, proving to the world that no matter which musical trends hold sway, there will always be plentiful stubborn types who will decry all that the kids these days view to the point of religious belief. Metalcore? Grunge? Fuck all that, so sayeth our old thrash gods! That sort of pissed-off-ness is set to full capacity with the likes of “Ironbound”, “Give a Little”, and “In Vain”, more than enough to quench the thirst for riffery. That’s all it takes to get through the day, in these schizophrenic times.

So all in all “Ironbound again proves the necessity for OVERKILL in this day and age. Here’s hoping that they’ll get swept up the tide during this current thrash revival, but I think that even if it doesn’t come to be, they’ll sprout up again when we least expect them. Horns!