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ARGH!! THRASH!! - 95%

jordman, November 15th, 2007

I'll adlib J1993B a bit, I was sorta expecting this to sound like their last, and was hoping a change in sound would emerge. I heard Skull and Bones and thought "holy shit, did Blitz split in two?" until a mate told me it was that Lamb of God dude. This song is arguably the best song on here, its just constantly heavy or fast. The entire album is too, with the age old spirit of Fuck You written all over the damn place.

The riffs are solid, as always, but this contains something Killbox had and Relix did not. Evolving and aimed to piss off people I'd imagine. The drumming on this, combined with DD's awesome driving lines, is off the wall. Ron Lipnicki makes his presence felt, sounds like he listened to a lot of big Tim plus some solid thrash, and his playing shows this. Blitz sounds off the wall too, haven't heard him sound this pissed in a while, and he is hitting multiple fucking styles of shouting singing whatevering. Personally, I loved this dude ever since I heard him thinking "fuck this guy sounds like Bon," but that's probably because I'm an aussie.

"Hellish Pride" sounds like trad eighties metal mixed with that NY stomp. Sounds pretty pissed off at Jesus too. The first track demonstrates Linsk's ability to play solid leads and serves as a pretty fucking awesome album opener. "Head On" contains a perfect intro into distortion, and boy is that riff crushing. It really does have a massive Persistence of Time stamp written all over it, and its headbangingly awesome. "Charlie" sounds like this too, blended with some Anthrax-like humour. 1:50 to 2:20 has a great little riff section, followed by a nice shift into speed and then a freaking awesome sounding solo. "Hell Is" sounds friggin bipolar, it shifts from slow n heavy to fucking nuts when you don't think it will. Overkill V: The Brand serves as a great album closer and a great statement too: We're still pissed off.

Heh, funny that this band wrote a song Old School, and Megadeth wrote a song Back In The Day. Both bands probably hate the saaaaame drummer. This album sounds pretty fucking pissed off and thrashy as a result, so fuck yeah. Beers up!