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Another solid Kill release. - 80%

IWP, December 11th, 2007

Overkill, who arguably started thrash, are still running strong, and relase yet another good album, in the form of Immortalis. About two months ago, I've had the pleasure of seeing this band live, (they kickass live, by the way.) While I was at the show, I picked up this new cd. Later that night, I popped it into my cd player and was pleased by what I heard. Overkill indeed still know how to thrash, and Bobby Blitz is still an awesome singer, as he demonstrates here (listen to that scream he pulls off in Devils in the Mist.) The other members pull their weight as well. Occasionally, there are groove moments on this album, as was most of their previous albums, but they keep it to a minimum on this album, for the most part, it's straight up ball out thrash fucking metal.

Devils In The Mist, Skull and Bones, Hell Is, and Overkill V are in my opinion, the best songs on this album. Devils in the Mist is the album opener, and they pull it off quite nicely. As Mr. Boris said, you really can't fuck up an album opener, and this song is no exception. It thrashes like crazy, and as I said earlier, that scream that Blitz pulls off is awesome. Skull and Bones features Lamb of God's Randy Blythe. Randy's growls and Bobby's singing compliment each other pretty nicely, and trade off lines which is pretty cool. This song does have groove moments, but their done right on this song, and it by no means stops the thrash at all. Hell Is is a catchy and fun number with nice riffs. Overkill V is obviously part five to the Overkill saga, and it's pulled off quite nicely. It's actually one of my favorite songs from the five. The riffs are there, and sound heavier as well.

The only two weak tracks on this album are Hellish Pride and Head On. Both songs are pretty dull and have too much groove. These two tracks bring the score down a bit, but don't hurt it too much. For the most part, Overkill show that they still know how to make your head bang with thrash fucking metal, and great riffs. This may not be the most original album ever, but it's still solid. Overkill aren't dead yet, because EVIL NEVER DIIIIIES!!!!!!!!