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They had the right idea - 70%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 21st, 2004

Overkill yet again fails to put needed songs on a best of/compilation and this time they have 2 cds to do it. I really do hate when bands make best of albums or compilations, it just seems like its for money, it angers me even more when they do it bad. That isn't entirly the case here. Well here they do some nice work aside from leaving out crucial overkill songs.

To start with the good, its just not a collection of studio songs, that would be kinda ordinary and done. This here has a throng of live song thrown in. What makes the live songs so nice (aside from being played well) is that they are songs the band doesn't play live often nowadays. I have seen them 3 times in the last year or so..and the live songs on here they have't played live, nor on the Wrecking Everything Live album. So its nice they put rarely played live songs on this release. Another nice thing the band throws in are covers, and they are covers of songs that weren't origonally thrash, but overkill attempts to make so. That makes this compilation worth owning too.

Well whats bad about this? Although the band picks a barrage of good songs. They seem to be missing some classic. Where is Evil Never Dies? Where is Time To Kill? Feel the Fire? Deny the Cross? Years of Decay? Horrorscope? These are mandatory Overkill songs. Although everything they picked for this album is good, I would have replaced Long Time Dyin', Black Line, The Rip 'N' Tear, God Like, and Bleed Me with the songs I mentioned before.

This release is significantly better than their other one, but either the band should have done the replacements I suggested or added another cd to better chronicle the Overkill songs. 2 cd's just isn't enough for this band, this needed a third. This isn't a bad introduction to Overkill, It has songs throughout their career. If the band wanted to attract more fans with this they should have chosen the songs more carefully.