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Metal_Jaw, February 23rd, 2012

The aren't too many bands out there that I find truly perfect. I'm damn nitpicky, and I occasionally pick apart songs that most enjoy, even if I may give a full album a decent rating. The only band I truly believe is more or less perfect on some hard-to-describe level would be Judas Priest. Hell, it's 96 songs and counting from them on my Walkman. However, Overkill comes a close fucking second, thanks almost totally to "Feel The Fire". Holy jumping Tipper Gore on a dildo, does this album fucking rule!

Overkill was more or less the first thrash band, creating a sound and performing it live before others before guys like Slayer or Metallica even began the writing process. Unfortunately they were too late to hit the CD rack, but still undeniably left their mark on the genre. The rough production encompasses elements of thrash mixed with speed metal, NWOBHM, and punk, giving Overkill a distinct sound that often gives some folks the reluctancy to label them as a thrash band. Still, don't fucking look me in the eye and tell me that this band sucks. Bob Gustafon blazes on his guitars, which are so crunchy that, if not prepared, one may well get their puny mortal brain crushed by such a sound. DD Verni's brutal bass is as almost as loud as the guitar in this mix, and even crunchier! Together the two team up from a barrage of speed-induced solos filled with cracking time changes and unforgettable riffs. The drumming of good ol' Rat Skates is also fast as fuck, relying mostly on your typical "bass, snare, bass, snare", but he's creative now and again too, usually coming up with some killer fills to keep the songs from staying quiet. And of course, there's Bobby fucking Blitz Ellsworth singing. It's hard to accurately describe this man's awesomeness. His big, harsh screams are immense, cool, and so genuinely angry-sounding that you'd think this guy was ready to actually kill someone during recording. Oh, and when I said about singing; yeah, next to his untamed screaming, the guy can genuinely fucking sing his ass off too. They all kill.

The songs all fucking rule, no questions asked. Some are admittedly slightly more sub-par than others, but that's like saying getting a blowjob is slightly more sub-par than having sex. The album starts proper, and never lets up, with "Raise The Dead", with its spooky intro, uncontrollable guitars and Bobby's manic vocals. This is immediately followed by the fantastic "ROTTEN...TO THE CORE!!!", a song with such a simple yet addictive chorus you'll lose $10,000 trying to get it surgically removed from your brain, so better to just give in. The slaughter continues with badass numbers like "There's No Tomorrow" or the deliciously bass-heavy "Hammerhead", until we strike pure gold. "Feel The Fire" is one the best songs you'll ever hear, even if you haven't hear it yet. If you don't like it, I'll be right back; gotta get my magnum, long cold barrel glistening! From it's monstrous intro to near-shredding guitars to immense solo and some unnervingly scary Blitz vox, this is truly the tune to beat the fuck outta haters to. We shoot through "Blood And Iron" and the cool "Kill At Command" until the gold is struck again. The band's horror movie-influenced self-titled anthem ends the album (or it would if it weren't for that damn Dead Boys cover). "Overkill" has some of the harshest riffing on the album, some of the best main riffs, badass lyrics, and possibly Ellsworth's finest screams, culminating with a truly spine-chilling set of shrieks, drums and guitars. You'll never think of the word "kill" the same way again!

Overall, buy it. Fucking buy this album, right fucking now. What the hell are you doing?! Don't just sit here with your head up your ass! This thing is too damn awesome to pass up! Throw it in the nearest disc player and get ready to FEEL THE FIRE!!!