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God almighty it's hot in here!! - 82%

UltraBoris, June 10th, 2004

This is such a cute little album, actually. Slap on a silly, quick intro studio version of Fuck You, and then a real fucking blazer of a live set section... four classics from the first two albums - two from each... all of them played extra fucking fast, with kinda sloppy production, and 110% effort.

You're number one!!! You're nobody's fool! Then the blazing solo, the pvnk as fvck attitude - it ain't thrash if it doesn't have balls of steel. ALL FIRED UP!! REALLY GONNA COOK!

And here's the live section!

We lead off with Rotten to the Core, the "more than complete" version - at times they splice this song into some medley form, and at other times, they just play the studio version, but here they throw in the extra bit in the middle... I forget which random song that's from, it's one of those that you used to sing when you were six. As I said, this album's cute. But oh so fucking vicious... from their first live demo, to their definitive album, Wrecking Everything, Overkill have always been on top of their game when playing in front of 8 bazillion insane fans. "So where the fuck are we again?"


Apparently, Jersey, the true capital of the raw and ugly sections of the country, was booked, so we get second best.


We know that you ain't dead!!! Fucken Hammerhead is next, and this one is another blazer... this was available on that '86 video as well, and here it's kinda implied that they're gonna let Rat Skates start this one, and it's just as good. The sound is very different than the '86 video - that one is technically better but this one is just as energetic, so I'll take it. The recording is a bit soft and indistinct - in fact, even more so than the 1984 demo, but still, gawd almighty... the energy! THE FUCKEN ENERGY!!!

Man, even the slow little love songs... oh man, for all the girls - USE YOUR HEAD!!! Well, actually the lyrical content isn't nearly about that (that's "Head First", though the gender roles are swapped!), but hey, gotta love the intro. The bass is loud, the guitar is fierce, and Blitz, of course, sounds like someone shat in his breakfast... standard fare for this fella. This being 1987, his voice isn't quite as shot to fuck with nicotine as it would be in later years, but still, he's a bit hot under the collar...


fuck yes, eastern humidity ist krieg - sort of, I suppose. Lots of between-songs banter to be found here. Man, we're gonna have some fun in Cleveland tonight!! It would've been nice if they released the entire concert - for those of us interested, there are always bootlegs... not quite this well recorded, unfortunately, though there's a pretty fucking good one from 1984 floating around!

FUCK THE WORLD! STAY OUTSIDE!!! This one just rips, and it rips hard. Man, that main mosher riff, and DD's backing vocals... then throw in yet another blazingly incoherent Bobby G solo... the lack of rhythm guitar is kinda evident, because the bass is loud, but it doesn't quite sound like the guitar - still, what an energetic mix. BLOOD!!! Guilty fashion fiend!!

Bonded by Blood!!!

Wait, wrong band. Close enough. We don't care what you say... BONUS TRACK!!! This one is apparently available on the 1990 re-release, and of course the 1996 "and then some" compilation. FUCK YOU!!! Not the original, though, which is what I have. Booya, LP ist krieg.


What Overkill sounds like live - 88%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 7th, 2004

This is the best overkill album that is true to how they sound live. There other live albums are to perfect, it almost sounds like a studio song being played to a crowd. But that is not the case here, most every live track on this album/ep sounds like the 3 time I saw them live, where as the most recent two don't.

This album for the songs it picks, are good , ones. Like Rotten to the Core, Hammerhead, electro violence, and Fuck you. They play on this album how they actually sound live. They have a raw sound, a fast sound, and a heavy sound. You can here the songs overkill played in the 80's before blitz's voice went all raspy on him. The live intensity rubs off on the listener, when you listen to this album if feels like you are there and you can feel the intensity like you were at a live show, almost. The commentary is great, lots of cursing.

Its a short ep/live album, although the newer released versions of this have more tracks. They left out some of my favorites and other peoples favorties like Feel the Fire, Overkill, and Deny The Cross. It wasn't recorded in New Jersey (i am form NJ and so is overkill, Blitz used to be my neighbor).

Overall if this album just did what I mentioned in the cons I would give it close to a 100, but if you want to look for a good live overkill recording, go for this, because this is what they sound like live. I own it, and its great and I love old and new overkill, so I think its universally enjoyable.