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The Underworld Regime - 75%

valhom, February 17th, 2010

Here is an album from the forces of Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir) and King ov Hell (ex-Gorgoroth). And with instrumental accompaniment from Teloch and Ice Dale on guitars and Frost on drums. This group came about from the dissolvement of God Seed with Gaahl and King ov Hell after the declared rightful ownership of the Gorgoroth name which Infernus triumphed upon within court sessions.

The 1st track "Devil's Harlot" is my number one favorite track off from the album. It's makes the album start off fast-paced with no remorse. It just drives right through like the nails inserted into Christ himself. There are other song favorites of mine on here but I don't want to drag on all about that here at the moment. This new roughly 37 minute long Black Metal art was a surprise to me when I first heard about the news of the formation of the duo group. Shagrath and King ov Hell. Sort of different to me. But, when they create an album together with the help of other Black Metal music warriors, the outcome is pretty decent. I don't think it's going to be the greatest album of the year in Black Metal or even in the metal genre, in my opinion. But, the album is good and I liked it when I played it all the way through in my spare time.

The guitar riffing sounding sinister as it is, packs a punch from the fiery pits of Hell. But, this album isn't amazingly fantastic. It is its own album and piece of black metal artistic creation. It's not going to like mesmerize and blow you away but it is still pretty good. It's good enough for me to purchase and add to my metal collection. I like these guys and I hope they stick around with this grouping. I see all of them as a great combination together to spread the word of Satan, darkness, and evil. The music sounds similar to recent Gorgoroth albums from 2003 - 2007. Since, King was a member and primary music composer of the very band.

Shagrath does lyrics and that's new for me to hear and listen to. Well, Shagrath got contributions from Silenoz and Sarah Owens. I am always seeing Silenoz while in Dimmu Borgir writing the lyrics mostly. I like King ov Hell's musical compositions a lot. Even when he was with Gorgoroth. Especially on the Gorgoroth albums "Twilight of the Idols" and "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam". But, I really much prefer the older classic Gorgoroth lineups.

I was excited and interested about this new formulated Black Metal group. When I heard that Shagrath was going to enthrone the duties of handling vocals, I was amazed and dumbfounded. Some songs are slower than others, and then it's the other way around. But, all in all, it was an okay and alright album in the end.

I always liked Shagraths vocals. I liked his vocals from the albums "Death Cult Armageddon" and "In Sorte Diaboli" with Dimmu Borgir. Well, after listening to this album, I have gained some knowledge of what Ov Hell is all about and since it was musically composed by King ov Hell, it still reminds me of the last two Gorgoroth albums with Gaahl and King within the lineup. This is mainly King ov Hell's black metal group and he now has his own chance to create something as he always has been but still uniquely different all in all.

Thank you for reading my review and if you like what you hear what you can find of this band on their MySpace or YouTube videos, then purchase it. If you like the music material you hear and would like to put it on your mp3 player or whatever, buy it. I don't believe in downloading music for free. Be true to the music you listen to and support.

- Cody Shull (Lincoln, Illinois)