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Leaves you craving more! - 99%

TWadams39, December 2nd, 2011

This demo is just as enjoyable as the band's self-titled album. The music on it, however, is more aggressive in all aspects. The drumming is heavier, the riffs are more driving, and the vocals are more intense. Carlos Zema takes his epic voice to new extremes and even implements a bit of death metal growl along with his usual soaring power metal voice that has also increased in energy. The musicianship demands that the band be referred to as progressive, but the sound is very heavy power metal.

Everything this band plays is amazing and demands respect. They balance extreme heaviness touching the realms of death metal with the epic greatness and beauty of power metal. Bless that with the progressive harmony of talented musicianship and advanced songwriting and the result is this band, a super group in itself.

It is somewhat painful to compare this band to others, for they are so delightfully original and great, but if I had to, I would compare them to Iron Maiden, Nevermore, Dream Theater, Kalmah, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, and Charred Walls of the Damned. The list is long, but this band is quite original.

Weltschmerz, the first track, will surprise the listener with its speed and aggression. It is still the same Outworld, but with more energy. Carlos Zema holds notes that will shock you if you aren't familiar with his voice already.

Blindness, the second track, is not as fast, but has some raunchy, heavy riffage and enjoyable epic vocal verses that seem more in line the power metal spectrum the band has.

Faceless Enemy, the third track, is downright badass. It sounds more progressive at first and then crushes your soul with a scream and a brutal riff. This is the first track that Carlos Zema does a bit of growling on and I wish he did more. The song is full of diverse dynamics.

The final track, Purity, sounds more like the songs on the album released before this demo. It is a combination of heaviness and epicness. There is a little bit of growling in it, but it is mostly soaring power metal vocals.

If you liked the band's album, or if you are even remotely a fan of progressive or power metal, you will like this demo. It is not a change in direction, but a continuation of the greatness the band already has. Words cannot accurately describe the music. It is sad that the band split up because they were truly amazing and I doubt Rusty Cooley will ever produce any music better than what he did with this band.