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Outline - Preaching Lies

Anticipating Lies - 29%

Sweetie, November 1st, 2021

I had a hell of a time with this one. Outline's first EP Fire Whiplash was a pretty barebones but solid idea of something cool coming to fruition, adding extra jaggedness around the edges. For what it was, I enjoyed it. Instead of leaping toward that anticipated full-length, they went backwards with another demo titled Preaching Lies.

Essentially, this is about twenty minutes of a similar rough and tough speed metal outing, but it's drenched in even more noise and clangy percussion. Stylistically, the only real difference is the punkier attitude. While a lot of the rhythms are decent enough in the sense that they'd make an alright local band pub show, I really didn't find any of it truly enjoyable. Moreover, I can't find consistency even in a messy release like this one. I understand that perhaps that's somewhat the point, but there is no memorability in any way. The vocals are unique for sure, as they were, but here they're even more drowned out, and half the time get covered up by the noisy drum work that takes the forefront way too much. It isn't uncommon for bands to toss out things like this after something I enjoyed, so I guess I can't bitch too much, but I really hope things go up moving forward.