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Nothing memorable at all - 20%

Nightwalker, September 15th, 2007

When a Greek band releases its debut album, I almost immediatly am aware of its existance. In the case of Out of the Lair I just learnt about it when I applied to review this album. Although this band has been playing since '95, it has to be said that it's not really reflected in the composition of the songs, nor in the capacity to bring something memorable. Maybe that's the reason it took me almost four years to hear from them.

They're all well educated musicians (incl. Dimitris of Dol Ammad), but the over-all sound lacks something. It isn't thrash metal, neither power metal, although both subgenres are very commonly used on this album. The sound, that seems to be a combination of both genres, also has overwhelming irritating little noises, the kind of noises you really don't want to hear in a thrash metal song. The power metal which can be recognised through the songs is one of those that has this "seemingly good, but 'been there, done that'"-feeling over it. Not only the irritating noises prevent me from almost never listening to this album, but also the vocals aren't any of my favorites. While they should be harsh a lot more, they go so damn high, you're eardrums are about to explode. For example, in the song "Vampire Lady" the chorus sounds a bit like "popo lélé" instead of "my vampire lady", due to the use of these vocals. Some songs start of very good (nothing new, but catchy), "Last Time of Firechild" is one of them - but it loses every value once the irritating wee-wee guitars begin to mess up the thrashy-like sound.

This is one of those bands that make a debut record, but do not convince me to buy any next stuff they release. The only two songs which make it worth listening to this record are the two last ones, ironically enough called "Out of the Lair" and "Psychotears". Maybe it's because I'm such a big fan of Mediterranean bands and my expectations are too high, but on the other hand this kind of metal just grines my gears...