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canadian as fukk - 85%

lifecursed, August 16th, 2006

This is an introduction to the band for me and I must say they make quite an impression. They are from Canada and play music akin to the other Canadian nutjobs, namely Blasphemy and Conqueror. For people who are familiar with what Canada has to offer the black (war) metal scene then you should know what to expect. If you are not in the know then get ready for an explosion of madness in the form of music.

The first track intro really has nothing to offer in my opinion. Just another lame "talking in a scary voice over a cool sample". Come on now. But when the first song comes on, (the intro and 1st song are actually combined to make up the first track ) it really lets you know what they're about. The drums blasting away with plenty of hyperspeed fills and symbols crashing all around. The guitars have a very nice sound to them which seperates them from their contemporaries. No derivitive riffs that sound like everything else nowadays, but actually interesting riffing with enough changes to keep it interesting. Nothing quite groundbreaking but definitely a worthy companion to your Revenge and Black Witchery records.

Only complaints: the length is understandable since it is an ep. But, it would have been nice to see the original songs outnumber the covers which isn't the case here. And I have a problem with the covers here. Blasphemy's "Ritual" and Beherit's "Grave Desecration"? Talk about wearing your influences on your sleeves. If you going to do a cover song try and pick something slighty less obvious and slightly less OVERDONE. I will however say the "Ritual" cover is quite awesome in all it's hyperspeed reckless abandon.

Those minor bitches aside, the original songs on this ep will stand toe to toe with most of the other war influenced metal shit out there. Fucking killer