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Folk-y goodie - 65%

HawkMoon, August 10th, 2002

Fans of Vintersorg might be familiar with this odd project of his. All others should be informed that first of all Vintersorg is a swedish musician who likes to make very folk-influenced tunes. So also here, though this isn't really metal as his main project Vintersorg is, nah I'd say this is more in the vein of folk rock, very medieval (lute guitar is often used). The lyrics are in swedish and as always very nature-related, but really special considering what kinda music I usually listen to. Vintersorg plays guitar, and of course lets us enjoy his clean voice, no growling here which he normally does on the Vintersorg albums. Some female vocals can also be heard at places.

Musically this isn't that advanced, but it's got a happy feel which is good as variation from the everyday metal. The lyrics is another thing to be fascinated by and fully enjoy. Although the album is a bit uneven, for example a small thing like the Dio-cover "Holy diver" (total slaughter on the solo which gets me a headache) and all songs isn't top-quality but there's some highlights like "Trollslottet", "Mossfrun k├Âlnar" and "Vilievandring". Coolest thing on the album probably is in the end of "Varulvsnatt" when they totally change and play oldschool heavy metal, Vintersorg does this really false power metal-scream which is kinda funny :)

Otyg has produced two albums, and this is the second though it seems to become the very last since Vintersorg has put this band to rest for now at least. Understandable since he not only has his own project to think about - he's the lead vocalist for the norwegian band Borknagar nowadays, a job which I think he does brilliant.

All in all a nice album to have if you wanna listen to something beautiful, happy and non-metal.