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Kinetic Zero - 85%

aelzerath, July 31st, 2007

Kinetic Zero is the second full length album from the French black metal horde Otargos and, well, this is from far their best recording... and also their most personnal and original one. As a long time fan of their music I find it very unfair that their recordings are so unknown among the international BM scene, and it's all the more annoying that most of the people that have listened to it really enjoyed it. But let's start the review!
"Kinetic Zero" is a very good album which explorates new topics and new musical paths in black metal: the band, which started as a classic satanic brutal black metal band in the vein of Setherial and old Dark Funeral, has become way more mature and evolved into a cold, yet brutal, quantum physics influenced entity. Indeed, the lyrics no longer deal with satanism but rather with topics such as multidimensionnal chaos, Schroedinger's theories, or the human delusionnal conception of reality and matter... leading to very original and strange lyrics. It also appears that the band's music has also been influenced by those concepts as Otargos now displays a very brutal and fast-paced black metal, with high screams and majestic riffs, but blended with new elements like weird ambiant tracks or colder atmospheres with hypnotic and spiral-like structures. There are many breaks and interesting riffs and the song-writing is excellent and the whole album makes me think of a mixture of Setherial's "Hell eternal" and The Amenta's "Occasus". In short, it is obvious that this album has been recorded as a single entity rather than a compilation of songs, almost like a concept-album: samples and natural transitions between the songs have been added and the whole album is very homogenic, though each track is independant. As for the production, it is rather good and brutal, even if the drums' sound may seem a little annoying to some from time to time.
To cut a long story short, you should definitely listen to Otargos' music, especially if you're looking for brutal, unsane, yet original black metal!