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An excellent piece of heavy metal. - 92%

Clansman, September 14th, 2005

Ostrogoth, one of the most underrated Heavy Metal bands in history in my opinion, brought with this EP-release a firm and most descend piece of art to many Vinyl-collectors around the globe. Although after bringing out a split with Killer and Crossfire, two other great Belgian Heavy Metal bands, the band didn’t have as much succes as they deserved. (Partially because of Killer being the “main act” on that split and having a rather sucky version of “Ecstacy And Danger” hanging in there) “Full Moon’s Eyes” showed that the band had great potential and that they’ve evolved in playing as a band. Every song has it’s own face and you won’t hear anything double in there.

FULLL MOON’S EYES - Great song, although sometimes the vocalist drops a note, this is a superb piece of riffing and that’s a thing that can’t be ignored in this song. A head-smashing solo and a great bass-line! Little flaws can be detected here, let’s move on!

HEROES MUSEUM - Yes, great vocals on this track, this is what people want to hear! But the riffing has some false notes, oh well, thanks to the drums you won’t even notice most of those and it could’ve been my ears messing with me.

PARIS BY NIGHT - Very surprising! Some parts of this sound like a battle-hymn (not Manowar-stylish), you can hear it clearly when the vocals kick in at the “Paaaaris by night!”-part. Speaking of music, the riffing on this song is excellent and the drums are somewhat dissapointing, or rather called strange, if you compare it to the other songs on the EP. This is possibly as good as it gets.

ROCK FEVER – My least favorite song on the EP, it could be that it’s me, but this song just doesn’t sound as “complete” as the other songs out there. Something is missing, but I just can’t say what. As I was telling, my least favorite song on this release, not that it’s a bad or non-rocking (what’s in a name?), it’s just the doesn’t-beat-the-other-songs-on-this-superb-release-song!

In other words: If you like Heavy Metal, than you’ll love this EP! A must-have!