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Ossuary - Creamation Ritual - 90%

TexanCycoThrasher, January 11th, 2018

Back in October/November of 2017 the local record store started getting in heaps of cult extreme metal buys from one guy who would return on a weekly basis to “thin out the collection a bit”. There was a bunch of original pressings of classic albums to insane rarities, to bands that you’d never even heard of. My friends and I made a game of venturing in as often as we could to see what we could find. One day I found this Ossuary tape, never heard of them, but the xerox deteriorated art was enough for me to gamble on buying it.

The odds were with me that day. Oh buddy!

Ossuary is a three-piece death metal band from Wisconsin, playing a death/doom style akin to the current roster of Dark Decent from Colorado. There also lies a bit of black metal, primarily in the vocals: higher end growls drowned in reverb. The whole sound gives this vibe of being chased through a rotting forest by a banshee screaming for your head.

This album does not get fast, it remains in this fetid grooves akin to Mental Funeral era Autopsy lurching from slow to midpaced and never really climbing out of this muck laden hole. The riffs that churn this along are all phenomenal, dancing from slow tremolos to dumb as hell, hangbangers.

The production on this tape also suits it in the best possible ways. It has this raw, and I mean RAW, sound to it. The mix is a little unfavourable to the bass, its hard to differentiate it between the vocals, guitars, and drums, but that is a minor gripe. Everything else is drenched in muck, and reverb, creating this abysmal atmosphere.

Unfortunately this is the only proof to date of Ossuary’s existence. Hopefully one day more material surfaces, but in any case, what they left us with is incredible.