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Ossuaire > Derniers chants > Reviews > Nattskog7
Ossuaire - Derniers chants

Pestilence Rampante - 90%

Nattskog7, September 19th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Sepulchral Productions

Only six months have passed since Ossuaire stormed into the Canadian black metal scene with their debut album and they already have its follow-up. With Canada having some of the best black metal such as classics Forteresse and Monarque and in more recent years Spectral Wound and Nocturnal Departure, this should be rivetingly atmospheric.

Snarling guitars draw in haunting atmospherics over blasting drum assaults and accompanied by the howled screams that one expects from this type of black metal. While wholly gorgeous in terms of atmosphere, there is a dissonant edge to the music that adds an uncomfortable tinge to the flame of truly masterful black metal destruction. The blend of raw classic black metal that has the traditionally bombastic and aggressive assaults meets some fundamentally stunning atmospherics that certainly have the Canadian soul imprinted on them, making for some of the most beautifully chilling extremities that can be heard.

Gruesomely dark with a morbid spark to the violence that is captivating amidst the more ear-pleasing ambience, there is so much brooding contempt within this release when you scratch below the surface, something that should be at the heart of all black metal, but in this case is nuanced so stunningly. Ripping through malevolence and disturbingly cold musicianship, the profoundly primitive yet well-played instrumentals and vocals blend into a wall of cutting soundscapes that will certainly envelope any fan of black metal, which it certainly does brilliantly and thankfully has excellent music to back up the atmosphere, rather than being a vapid and pointlessly pretty record, Ossuaire have all the violence and piercing hatred as a driving force behind this unholy art. Aside from a barrage of vicious blasting drums and tremolo guitar madness, there is also some gorgeously melancholic sounds such as the third piece, which delivers an introspective and devastatingly dark mournfulness, breaking up the destruction for tension to build and with utmost effectiveness.

Obliteration continues with full force and this album keeps you on your toes throughout with bitter disdain and unsettling beauty in ultimate tandem. The last two songs bring in a medieval sounding epic that is gorgeously cinematic but no less haunting nor ferocious than the leading up to this point, following an interlude of magnificence and mellowness, these ending pieces close the album in style.

Truly a masterpiece of Canadian black metal that stands tall with some of the genres greatest acts, magnificent.

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