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Ossario - Grave Metal - 85%

Edmund Sackbauer, July 21st, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, CD, Iron, Blood and Death Corporation (Limited edition)

Ossario are a fairly new band hailing from Sicily/Italy. The three gentlemen led by band founder Schizoid play a kind of blackened thrash or probably better defined as black metal with some thrash elements and a punky attitude. Ossario have been formed in 2020 and already managed to release a demo and a split so it might seem like a strange idea to bundle the songs plus a few extras on a compilation which has been released by Iron Blood and Death Corporation. The positive aspect of the material being so fresh is that the sound and style is very stringent and without knowing it would be hard to tell that the songs on “Grave Metal” have not been originally created as one complete album.

What we got here are seven tracks plus one intro and outro, and all of them hit in dirty fashion. The end result comes with a heavy focus on high-voltage riffs, catchy chords and driving harmonies, all designed to grab you and don’t let you go before the album has finished. The guitar work is excellent and the often monotonous main chords are accompanied by some crazy lead harmonies. The song-writing is clever and on point and with all tracks being around the four minutes mark they got the perfect length to keep the listener engaged. Such kind of music asks for straight forward song structures and harmonies that are easy to follow and enjoy and Ossario totally deliver on that front. In between all the frenetic riff attacks and tremolo runs there are great hooks, and some of the key melodies are absolutely catchy.

The riffs are hitting hard and furiously and while it might be open for discussion if the world needs another album in this particular style the quality is out of question. The main riffs have been forged with a lot of precision, combining rapid and fierce attacks and more laid-back chord progressions. Most of the songs attack with full speed, but Ossario have nor forgotten to implement a few groovy mid-tempo sections and some nicely done soloing parts. This is the sort of record which appears simple on the surface, but which constantly reveals new details with each and every listen. The songs are crafted in a way that they are real fun to listen to. Some of them are more memorable than others, but all in all the 32 minutes fly by and chances are you will immediately go for a second spin.

With a more than fitting production job and a nice cover artwork this record is an easy recommendation for each fan of this style. A little bit of polish might help to get an extra punch out of the music, but for a new outfit the quality on “Grave Metal” is top notch. The vocals are also on point, very upfront and direct, with singer Krost going for a raspy and slightly growly approach, perfectly fitting to the instrumentation. This is the kind of music you can listen to more or less on a daily basis, also perfectly fitting for driving around or doing a bit of workout. I am looking forward to the next release by this young and promising act.