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Great blend of old and new elements - 89%

Kveldulfr, September 17th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Quite a pleasant surprise has been the 'discovery' of Oshiego. From the myriad of death metal bands trying to either play the same stuff Incantation did 20 years ago or the ones blasting like in a blastbest contest, Oshiego delivers all the fundamentals of death metal without falling in any of the aforementioned 'trends'.

One of the things that I like the most of 'Crossing the Bridge of Siraat' is how consistent and flowing it sounds, displaying a nice variety of influences. Songs often present changes in pace from lightning fast blasting like old Nile to more groovy oriented passages alas Bolt Thrower, like in 'Hypocrisy'. The band tries the best to mix OSDM elements with more modern brushes as it's shown on 'The Field Of Mahsyar', which features a moshpit inducing beat to be followed by brutal tremolo riffs, just to jump back to old school slower grooves; riffs are in abundance and they are mostly excellent, especially the Arghoslent-inspired bits on 'Inspiration From The Dark'. From what I've gathered, Oshiego used to feature more thrash elements, which are almost totally absent in this album.

The performances are all solid as an anvil, everything is played very professionally. Drums in particular seem programmed but they sound well enough, since this is only noticeable on the faster sections. Guitars have an excellent tone, which is heavy as hell and crisp. Bass can be heard and sounds well enough as well. Vocals are more into Van Drunen/Reifert school so no death metal fan should have a problem with them and fit really well the overall sound.

As expected from a mid-eastern band, there are bits of phrygian-like chords/leads that relate the sound to the band's origins and bring Nile to the listener's mind from time to time. The leads and solos are one of the things that make Oshiego gets closer to older bands, as they have taken the approach of bands like Master, Pestilence and even some Swedish death metal styled licks alas Entombed or Grave.

This album is recommended to mostly every death metal fan, being the OSDM fan base or the more modern oriented listeners. The songs are all good, but my preferred cuts are 'The Tree Of Zaqqum', 'The Pharaoh System','The Field Of Mahsyar' and 'Inspiration From The Dark'.