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A unique, enchanted debut - 90%

Human666, July 29th, 2008

In the year 1991, a group of Israeli teenagers (under the leadership of vocalist Kobi Farhi and bass player Uri Zelcha) formed up an aggressive, primitive death metal band called 'Resurrection'. The band was highly influenced from early death
metal acts such as 'Napalm Death' and 'Entombed' and played a quite violent type of metal. After a sole show in a local Israeli club, without any recordings behind, 'Resurrection' called it quits and the band later changed their name to 'Orphaned Land'. With the addition of the new drummer Sami Bachar (from a local band called 'Morgue') and guitarists Yossi Saaron and Matti Svatizky, the band started working on their own unique style, which started to take form in their 1993's demo tape entitled as 'The Beloved's Cry'.

To best categorize this demo I would describe it as an 'oriental melodic doom death metal with some of the best fucking riffs you'll ever hear in your shitty life'!

The main songwriters of this demo were Sami Bachar and Yossi Saaron which took all of their metal influences, mixed it with their own ethnic culture, whispered some secret magic spells and created an unparalleled type of metal which remains so unique even today.

'Seasons Unite' opens with a catchy melody from a clean electric guitar which carried then by a churchy keyboard sound and heavily distorted Ibanez guitars and keep flowing with a short guitar soloing and a nice bass outbreak later. This opener is an eight minutes journey with a very mystic atmosphere for all of it's way. There are some clean vocals here and there together with a female voice at the background, but mostly this song has a pure growling which flowing flawlessly with the complex riff process of this song.

'Above You All' and 'Pits Of Despair' are the heavier side of this demo. 'Above You All' has a very oldschool death metal riffing and will make you headbang like a mad. However, it's still has some melodic riffs here and there, but it's climax is the long orgasmic, hypnotic solo at the end which will keep your mouth wide open for a very long time. 'Pits Of Despair' has a brilliant dual guitar harmonies and a plenty of crunchy and heavy death metal riffs as well. Pretty punching track.

The title track is a mellow ballad with clean, melancholic vocals and hypnotic atmosphere driven by the enchanting clean guitar playing and the ethereal keyboards in the background. The song fades out with a wonderful, emotional soaring lead guitar which closing this wonderful track with unbelievably epic feeling and will be engraved in your mind for a very long time, even for the rest of your life.

This demo represents what determination, talent and skills can do. This wonderful demo is just the very first step in the long, amazing discography of 'Orphaned Land', and it's just getting better.

Best demo ever - 100%

Leperjesus, June 18th, 2005

Orphaned Land's first demo ''The beloved's cry'' is my favorite album of this band. Let's see each song carefully:
''Seasons unite'': probably their best song. FANTASTIC oriental melody in the keyboards and great brutal vocals by Kobi Farhi. Yosi Sassi does incredible work in the guitars and his solos are very melodic and catchy.
''Above you all": MORBID ANGEL! This song is dedicated to the death metal masters. Twisted guitar melodies and rhythmes, brutal and clean vocals, and again a lot of changes in the tempo.
''Pits of despair'': another cool song. Highlight: the guitar solo in the end of the song.
''The beloved's cry'': BEST FUCKIN' BALLAD OF ALL TIME!!! This ballad is just... aaarrrggghh!!! I almost cry when I listen to it! Great lyrics and Kobi sings with a lot of emotion. Again Sassi's guitar solo is incredible. You must listen this song!
''My requiem'': the first vocal melody is great, the song is very long but there is no problem; there are tons of riffs and it never gets boring.
''Orphaned Land, the storm still rages inside'': last song, great song. Terrific oriental melodies once more and the end of the song is heargripping!
Make sure you buy this demo! Great songs, great production, great musicians!