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Amazing Music - 95%

Vor, March 12th, 2006

I picked "Sahara" up a few years ago and still it never ceases to amaze and enchant me, receiving play after play on my stereo. Orphaned Land make their debut here and immediately indicate that they have an incredibly unique style and talent unlike any other metal band before. How could one not give such immense credit to a band that has the ability to throw something new and fresh out in the open in a scene filled with so many generic bands? "Sahara" sums up everything Orphaned Land is about from the get-go and foreshadows the development and potential of an already incredibly gifted band that is so much more than plain death/doom metal.
Orphaned Land have the ability to use Mediterranean traditional folk music and combine it with their own rich brand of death metal. Overall, they produce a sound that is perhaps best described as Biblical as is the band's theme. The listener can envision themselves in the atmosphere of a desert or ancient ruins when listening to "Sahara." All instruments throughout the album are superb from the clear guitars to the traditional instruments. Kobi's vocals are excellent as well and carry a commanding atmosphere along with the rest of the music. His growls are ferocious and perfectly executed while his clean singing ranges from being angelic to quite emotional with ease. As always with Orphaned Land, the production is amazing and warm. Every instrument can be heard clearly without anything overpowering something else. The composition of each song is also as good as it gets. Not only does the band know how to play their instruments but they know how to write a song that has ups and downs and carries emotion without ever getting boring or tedious to listen to. Just about everything about "Sahara" is what it should be.
Anybody into metal combined with folk, especially Middle Eastern style music, should definitely listen to this album. There is no doubt that Orphaned Land put much work into the making of their music and "Sahara" is sure to please listeners and attract a huge fanbase for the band. This release is nothing about money, attention, or any of that nonsense. It is only about the love of music and creating an album of the best quality that stands out amongst the sea of other metal bands. "Sahara" is a classic debut that seems to be highly unrecognized yet more than worthy of praise and recognition.