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Warning: It will grow on you. Fast. - 99%

SepherZ, July 3rd, 2006

The only reason this album doesn't get a perfect score, is that I like El Norra Alila a tiny bit better. I don't know how to explain that, but that's the way it is, so they couldn't possibly get the same grade.
This is Orphaned Land's groundbreaking debut album, featuring the best riffs in the entire world. The reason this album doesn't get the title the best album in the world, then, is because it has some parts being the best parts ever written in the history of metal, but some other parts being a little boring and tiring doom metal.

Orphaned Land's Sahara opens with 'The Sahara Storm', a rather odd choice for an openning track, as I believe it is one of the weakest songs in this album, but it also has it's great moments, with an excellent folk-chorus and some nice brutal parts near the end. As soon as the opener ends, starts "Blessed Be Thy Hate", probably the best song Orphaned Land ever managed to write and perform, with only a short weak part on the 4:35 mark. It starts with heavy distortion Check out the amazing ending riff for this one, starts on 8:15. Probably the best riff in the entire album, especially with the short pause in the middle, followed by a mean growl by Kobi - and back to the excellent riff, fading out to Ornaments of Gold, another excellent song. Can you hear this song's intro and tell me Orphaned are NOT the most original death metal band ever? I doubt it. Simply the best riffs ever written. And what an impressive vocal ability Kobi presents here. I simply can't stop headbanging for the riff that starts around the 2nd minte mark. Simply a feast of emotions and excellent riffs through the whole song. Aldair Al Mukadisa is a short pause, somewhat unnecessary. Seasons Unite starts with the strongest riff of the song, and continues with some great downtuned riffing and heaviness. It amazes me how unique Orphaned Land managed to sound on this album. Every song is totally different from the others. The Beloved's Cry is the most famous song out of this album, and is the most quiet one. It's a sad song about tragic love, and is very heart-touching. Unlike all others though, it doesn't have anything brilliant in it whatsoever. It's just good, that's all. My Requiem has the best part for headbanging on the whole album starting out near the 4th minute mark. Pretty priceless in my opinion. It starts with clean vocals and bursts later on. The Storm Still Rages Inside is pretty much the summing of all you've heard till now, and is the last long-track in this album (The next two are 4 minutes long). It also has one of the best riffs ever written in death metal starting at 1:48. The next two songs are much less impressive, but are also good, with a funny thing happening at Above You All - You can hear where the best riff of 'The Kiss of Babylon' originated from, as most people who hear this album already heard Mabool. How surprising.

Overall, this album is probably perfect, however it's long and sometimes a little tiring to listen to as a whole. Blessed Be Thy Hate is probably the best death metal song I've ever heard, and the whole album is paved with excellent riffs that no death metal fan should spare himself hearing. Get this album if you like both death metal and new scents.