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Infidels that worship the worm... - 93%

Human666, July 30th, 2008

Shall bring Sahara's storm!

After the band supported acts such as 'Tiamat' and 'Cathedral', self released a majestic demo tape and based themselves as one of the leading metal acts in Israel, the band received a contract from the french label 'Holy Records', and thus released their first full length album entitled as 'Sahara'.

The first part of this album contains three unreleased songs and one interlude, the second part contains four rerecorded tracks from their debut demo 'The Beloved's Cry'. One major difference from their previous demo is the absolutely flawless sound quality. The overall sound of this album has much more depth, the guitars sounds heavier yet thicker than before, the bass can be heard quite well and has a pretty piercing sound and the keyboards has a more inflated shape as well.

'The Sahara's Storm' is an excellent opener. Very energetic heat and cruncy riff sets, and there is a marvelous oriental vibe for all of it's way which merging flawlessly with the straightforward, aggressive growling which penetrate at the right moments of the song. 'Blessed Be Thy Hate' is the doomiest song this band ever written. Very melancholic feeling and tons of twisted riffs which creating together a long epic and doomy journey. This is a song which will make all the doom fans happy. A must hear.

'Ornaments Of Gold' is nothing less than a masterpiece. This is what I call a "Rollercoaster song". So many riffs, so many ideas, so many moods...all merging together into a seven minutes long epic song, perfectly. It has a very consistent structure which emphasize each idea to it's saturation point and then mildly continue to the next section, creating a long and continuous opus which flowing easily and will leave you crave for more. Though each second of this song is just amazing, the absolute high spots of it are the first mammoth riff, which is literally unparalleled for it's sheer originality, and the melancholic ending with the soaring vocals and the astounding, apocalyptic lead guitar.

The last song, called 'Orphaned Land', begins with a slow, brooding riff and the song warming gradually until it reach the fantastic chorus which contains an energetic riff and melodic lead guitar that creating together a grandiose harmony that will force you shit oysters from your ears. The ending of the song is quite impressive as well, very emotional leading guitar from Yossi Saaron which just closes this song wonderfully. Then there are some clean guitars and oud at the background which will settle the atmosphere down, like a calm after the storm.

'Sahara' is a wonderful album. If you like doom, folk, death or just looking for a revolutionary album, you'll be more than grateful for owning this album, which is just a sign for what will come two years afterward...