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Pretty impressive - 90%

Angels_Coffin, March 17th, 2006

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you don't have to be British, American or Scandinavian to produce some serious music, no sir. Kicking from Slovakia, "Orkrist" kick right in the pit of the stomach (in a good sence, of course) leaving one begging for more.

I discovered this band absolutely accidentely, the title didn't ring any bells, so I decided to give it a try.

First track is basically an intro, a trully beautiful melodic composition which I found somewhat more memorable than numerous intros of other albums.

Speaking of intros, all the following tracks have amazing ones. When I first heard the second track (the wonderful melodic intro that is), I thought, here comes another melodic/symphonic power metal band and since that's quite fine with me, let's enjoy....BANG! HARSH guitars (the melodic thingie remains), BANG! F***ing awesome growls join the ride and, woohoo, here we go!

Instead of analysing every song of this album, I'll just give a short summary of what you will find in "Reginae Mysterium": decent drumming, growling and strong "guitaring" :) to qualify for the mixture of genres they employ, plus enough and to spare ammount of melody coupled with wonderful female vocals to make "Nightwish" cry in sorrow (no offence). Deadly combination.

To finish it up: get your hands (and ears) on this record, if possible, you won't regret it.