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Chicks with ... balls? - 84%

UltraBoris, March 20th, 2004

Heh, this is now my favourite chick band... you really can't go wrong with the songwriting of none other than David Defeis, who is just a fucking machine. Conjuration of the Watcher was originally written in '85 for this LP, before it appeared in 2001 on a Virgin Steele compilation. Then, throw in the performance aspects of four chicks that would not hesitate to punch the living fuck out of the lead singer of Lacuna Coil or any other poseur band that masquerades as "metal" nowadays and happens to have a female singer. Tristania, suck my cock, and meet a band coming square out of the Sabina Classen school of thought. Man, this is just absurdly intense.

This is pretty much straight-up US speed metal, except with some power overtones, because of course David Defeis was a devotee of Rainbow and Deep Purple and all them, but throw in a fair dose of Exciter worship, and an excellent vocalist to boot... Danielle Draconis doesn't hit too many high notes, but her voice is perfectly suited for heavy metal. Then throw in some vicious soloing, and the occasional thrash riff (more like a US power metal riff, for example the main break in the Curse), and we've got ourselves a classic of American heavy fucking metal. The occasional NWOBHM bit, for example the Electric Eye interlude moment as the main riff of Succubus (whose drum intro is EXACTLY the same as Overkill's Hammerhead, incidentally!!), to the main solo of To the Devil a Daughter, which sounds a bit like early Maiden meets Diamond Head.

The song content ranges from sorta serious (Conjuration, Succubus, etc) to silly (Pandora's Box, Bitches from Hell) - imagine Noble Savage from the chicks' perspective... add blazing speed metal riffage, intensity that never drops below "11" (well, except for two random interlude songs, but hey forget about those) and the subconscious influence of David Defeis, who is just an incredible songwriter - there's a good reason why Virgin Steele is just fucking awesome... and an excellent vocal performance, and you've got yourself a complete fucking winner, really. There's enough variety in the songs to keep it interesting for 36 or howevermany minutes, which is kinda hard to accomplish while playing mostly fast most of the time, but here's a band that pulls it off. Winnar!

Oh yeah, nice album cover too. Haha.