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Exorcist's second album with female vocalist? - 85%

Norbac, July 13th, 2008

I must recognize I've always seen this album in some stores, websites, etc through many years, but never dared to listen to it, maybe because the cover never appealed to me too much, since it looks like from a Hard Rock band. However, some years ago I heard it because it came as a split CD with british Deathwish and I was gladly surprised!!

Right from the beginning I recognized that guitar sound, that production and of course these guitar solos... immediately one band came into my mind and it was the mighty Exorcist!! As the album goes through, my suspects gets more and more strong. Knowing that the songriter is David DeFeis from Virgin Steele, then everything was clear, since he also wrote the entire Exorcist album and I'd dare to say that this album by Original Sin was even played by the same musicians!! The drumming style is identical, the guitar sound, riffing and solos... this makes me think that this band was just a marketing product (since it came out from nowhere) and that the only one from the girls featured on the album credits who recorded the album, was the vocalist.

The album was released in '86, just one year after Exorcist's, although it could have been easily recorded at the same time, why not? Also released through the same label... so if you just change the vocals by Exorcist's and add these evil interludes, this could easily have been the second album by Exorcist!!

Nonetheless, the album is a really good piece of Speed/ Thrash Metal which looks like a perfect hybrid between Exorcist with the female voice of bands like Detente, Sentinel Beast, even Warlock...