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Humble Origins, indeed - 52%

MutantClannfear, August 10th, 2011

I'll be frank: viewing their discography as a whole, I really fucking hate this band. This is one of the main bands that's perverting death metal as a whole, convincing people it's not about how catchy it is or how nice the riffs are - it's about how many goddamn weedle riffs you play, how unoriginal your songwriting can be, and how much of a wimp you are as a musician for attempting to play heavy and relentless music with the most annoying melodies possible, as if "relentlessness" and "melody" were ever supposed to be two parallel goals for any band. I, quite frankly, would love it if all the members of Origin got in a car crash or were otherwise rendered inable to play their music any longer - I hate them that much. That being said, this debut shows signs of a less musically perverted Origin - an Origin that was content with playing inoffensive groovy technical death metal, instead of aspiring to someday kick the tech-death scene en masse in the balls. While wearing spiked cleats.

Origin's origins in Origin are modest enough. The vocals are a mostly a series of rabid, rambling growls, sort of like how Lord Worm would sound if he sucked balls. There are also a few typical castrated tech-death screams, if those are your thing. The music itself mostly operates around the formula of fast, rhythmic chugs (triplets or quintets of sixteenth notes) and Dying Fetus riffs repeated ad infinitum. You've also got quite a few tremolo passages that hearken back to the early works of Nile. None of these riffs are great or particularly memorable: they're fun and innocent, I guess, but they operate around the same formula so often that none of them really stick. Even then, this kind of thing has been done better both in the past and present by bands like Dying Fetus and Henker, respectively.

Even at this early point in Origin's career, it's evident that they are not a band that handles momentum or catchiness effectively. Sure, there are maybe a handful of constant snare-blast riffs that remind me of the godawful shit Origin would go on to create later, but that's not what I mean. This band stays at the same pace throughout this entire album. Yes, it appears that no matter how technically and fast these guys play their instruments, they're still too dumb to know when to put a slow section into their music, or at least stop the endless abuse of the snare drum throughout this release. (No, really, the snare drum beats quite literally never stop, and if the band were going for an anthemic feel in their music, they succeeded, but usually bands write one anthemic song and call it a day. They don't compose a whole album's worth of try-hard catchy anthems.) Throughout this entire release, you ask for the monotony to end, for the album to stick just one slow section in the middle of the compositions...and they never do. They pretentiously go on with their stupid riffs, as if the band was so sure they had composed the best, catchiest riffs ever (which they haven't) that they didn't even consider doing anything else.

Bland guitar tone with no bass...vocals that get old really fast...near-mechanical, soulless death metal... yep, this is an Origin album. It's boring, but unlike their later releases it is not consciously offensive music. If you like pretentious, single-minded death metal, be my guest, but I'd rather give money to the Help Pedophiles Kidnap and Rape Your Children fund than spend money on this.