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Three-quarters of an amazing album - 95%

spongerob, May 11th, 2004

Before I continue, I have to admit that I'm writing this review after only two listens as I make my way through my third, of this album. It has been spinning around in my CD player ever since I got it out of the shrink wrap after buying it, and I'm writing this before I have given it the all-important test of time.

So, on to the music. III opens up with Larvae of the Lie, the song that snared me into the trap that is the band Origin. The riffs in this song are absolutely amazing; the song begins with a soundbyte of what is probably the buzz of a swarm of flies, and the effect continues throughout the song even after the soundbyte is over, with the riffs. I haven't written many songs myself, but to me at least this seems like it would be incredibly difficult to do with only a guitar. Other notable tracks are Portal and Inhuman (which begins with a great clip from the movie Dogma).

There are two things that truly amaze me about this band. The biggest one is their speed. It amazes me that any human being can play guitar or drums as fast as these guys do long enough to record an album. The second comes from the first: their drummer. He is the epitome of their speed, he simply doesn't let up. There are very few sections (those of which that there are are extremely short) in which he isn't playing, and he's always playing at breakneck speeds.

Now to explain my title. Though this album is excellent and brutal in its entirety, its entirety isn't very long, clocking in at 28 minutes. I said above that I'm on my third listen, and that I've been listening to this album since I took it out of the shrink wrap; that was just over an hour ago. The quality of the music is enough to make up for it, but for some it simply will not be worth the money for just under a half hour of music.