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purerockfury, September 22nd, 2003

When I first heard Origin all I could think is "what the fuck did I just hear?" The band, much like the berzerker (but waaaaaay better) creates pure brutality with choatic and technical riffs along with some of the fastest, most mind blistering drums around. No one can deny the unchallenged of this band.
Thier latest release (which I cant even pronounce at the moment) is a step up from their debut self titled release. While still brutal, the album seems to have more of a focus and has a much better sound to it, the recording process made the bands energy more in your face. Each song on the album has a similar sound that if not listene to closely could allow the listener to think all the songs are the same, which i found to be a flaw with the band. Overall, the album is amazing for what it is and definetally holds its own. I think it might be cool if the band could add in some melodic elements, with their current speed imagine the possibilities (oooooo).

Trax worth checking out:
Larvae of the Lie