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This Death metal will KILL you... - 93%

VomitedAnalTract, July 23rd, 2002

Death metal. The genre has been done almost exactly the same way by so many bands that it is hard for most people not to laugh at it for the immeasurable, but perhaps also unintentional, self-parody that seems to pour into the ever growing vaults of 'gore-soaked brutality'. Nile and Cryptopsy are two bands constantly name-dropped for adding a different dimension to the formula (and rightly so in my opinion), and their ranks should most probably be joined by Origin. Described by their label, Relapse, as aggro-tech death metal, this is some of the fastest punishment my ears have received.
If most death bands method of killing you is to give the impression of detonating a 10 ton bomb, Origin would instead point a mini-gun at your face and pull the trigger till it goes click.
John Longstreth (of Angel Corpse fame) puts the 6 million dollar man to shame, I don't understand how somebody can be so fast and hit so many drums at the same time, and he's still only 24 for christ's sake.
The three vocalists make the songs much more interesting to listen to, even I have bothered reading the lyrics, of which there are quite a lot, and they don't drive down the same old road of 'Fucked With A Knife' type women hating.
The guitar playing is very precise and also blindingly fast, and the band cope with the tempo changes (which must happen between 220 and 300 bpm) perfectly, I don't think they could be tighter.
The album is just about longer than 28 minutes, but has probably got as many riffs and changes as Metallica's '..And Justice For All', such is the unmatched speed of the band.
On the first few listens I found the album almost totally unmemorable because there is so much happening (and I can normally listen to most death albums and pick up most of the riffs at least on the way).
I only have a single track from the original Origin album (Disease Called Man), and would say that there isn't much digression from the style of that song, except that it's faster and the band seem more competent at constantly beating the life out of their instruments.
Another thing I really appreciated about this album is that they haven't overly detuned the instruments and hidden all the melody behind totally overdriven, distortion, so you can actually hear what they are playing.
Buy now, and suffer the consequences.....